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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment are at the heart of everything we do

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) are at the heart of everything we do, driven by our management and integrated in our operation. Our HSE approach is built on experience, operation audits, annual risk reviews, industry practice and sharing of experiences.

Our company is known for its high safety and low incident rate. We actively consult others about working safe and environmentally aware, which is appreciated by our clients. Such a reputation can only be established if the concept of HSE is internationally recognised and integrated in the company from top to bottom. We have a well-implemented HSE management system, and an annual HSE plan is part of the yearly management system. HSE meetings regularly take place at company level where we discuss the plans and progress.

DGI employees have to comply to a strict safety policy. Training and coaching on HSE are important tools to manage risks in the workplace and have our highest priority. Each employee is trained on safety and can access safety manuals and requirements. Since legislation and regulations differ per country, this is organised locally.

DGI is aware of the environmental impact of its activities. The challenge we undertake is to responsibly manage and reduce this impact:

  • We limit and manage oil spills as much as possible.
  • We recycle waste.
  • We try to raise environmental awareness among clients and suppliers, trying to get them involved in reducing their environmental impact.
  • We try to raise awareness among clients on the importance of re-usage of packing and recycling of materials at the end of a product’s lifetime.

We strive to be compliant to all applicable HSE laws.

As a manufacturer and supplier of technologically advanced, high-quality, hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems and components we focus on building long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers. Therefore we have a Quality Management System certified to the international ISO9001 standard.

Procedures, (1st party) audits, management reports, reviews to stay compliant to ISO9001, legal requirements and clients demands are all part of this system and stimulate continuous improvement.

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