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Doedijns newsletter April

The move to our new premises in Zoetermeer provides us with the opportunity to concentrate on our next steps regarding innovation, quality, safety, and environment. An important pillar of our company is the provision of top-quality products and services. To do so we offer our clients the very modern production, service and testing facilities incorporating state-of-the-art coating/paint facility.


One of the improvements of the new facility is our fully equipped, 625m2 service facility. It provides all the high-end tools we need. In a clean and safe environment, we are able to inspect any hydraulic system or part. After the inspection, you will receive a complete inspection report with a recommendation to repair and/or improve your system or parts.

‘By maintaining and upgrading your equipment to the latest standards you prevent malfunctions and extend the lifetime of your equipment, resulting in higher uptime.’


At Doedijns we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. This is why we will always provide our customers with the most suitable solutions, from a cost-efficient perspective as well as from an environmental perspective.


With the circular economy in mind, overhauling is a profitable solution to extend the lifetime of a system significantly. Seeing Doedijns as an experienced service partner, Boskalis approached us to overhaul their cable tensioner and the hydraulic section of the cable carousel. By overhauling the equipment, the product lifetime is extended with a minimum of 10 years. Read more about this project.

Service Level Agreement

A crucial part of optimal system life-cycle optimization is Maintenance Management. Thanks to our expertise and extensive field experience in servicing and upgrading hydraulic systems, we know exactly how to effectively maintain and improve your system.


More specifically, the following are typical examples of our Maintenance Management Services:

  • Reliability & Availability Management (RAM)
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) based full- service performance contract covering several for multiple years.

Typical maintenance

  • Inspection
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Reconditioning and upgrading
  • Flushing hydraulic systems
  • Pressure and leak tests

As part of our service level agreements, our on-site servicing and repairs team can come to your location for an initial inspection and make repairs and service items wherever possible. If on-site servicing is not an option, our expert team can collect your hydraulic components for servicing at our workshop.

Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential when it comes to system availability and reliability. We specialize in supporting our clients worldwide with spare parts and when required spare parts management. As an official distributor, Doedijns has access to components of world’s leading hydraulic and pneumatic brands.

Outbalanced HPU’s to drive the users with great precision

Thinking of Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) often is thought of large installations with high/great power, perhaps even built into a container. In contrary to the high powered containerized HPU’s, the Offshore trend of this moment, HPU’s for luxury yachts have a low but outbalanced power.

Especially in this category of HPU’s it is of utmost importance that the power is accurately balanced, so that the refined control of the different users can be guaranteed. Doedijns has years of experience in the design and realization of HPU’s, including the controls, for great diversity of applications. This enables Doedijns to create accurately outbalanced HPU’s to drive the users with great precision, as expected in the Yacht industry.

To enhance the user experience to the next level, the control capabilities can be extended with Wireless Remote Controls.

Interested in what Doedijns can do for you and curious to our recent projects? Give us a call and we will schedule an appointment to see what we can design for you.

Also, if you are interested in containerized HPU, we can help you.

Priority flow control valves Sun Hydraulics

Verbeterde regelaars V60N door InLine HydraulikAfter the announcement several months ago, Sun Hydraulics has released the standard model codes for the assemblies. There are three versions available.

The first version works due to an adjustable needle valve. The LH*D-valve functions as a compensator, which causes a small pressure drop over the adjustable needle valve and creates a constant flow to port CF, even with changing pressures. Flow that is not necessary will be send to port EF.

The second version is an extended version of option one. Due to the usage of the 3/2-valve (type DMBF, coming from the FLeX series) the user has the option to activate or deactivate the assembly. The pressure relief valve functions as load-sense relief.

The last version doesn’t use an adjustable needle valve but a proportional flow control valve (type FP*K). The valve controls the flow to port CF based on the actuation of the solenoid and can be supplied with the XMD as amplifier. The advantage is that the XMD is already configured for the FP*K, making you get the best performance as plug and play.

For more information, read the complete datasheet or contact your local Sun Hydraulics distributor.

Improved controllers V60N by InLine Hydraulik

Improved controllers V60N by InLine HydraulikTen years after the introduction of the LSNR(T)-controllers, InLine Hydraulik has improved their controllers for the V60N-pumps. Due to the design change, it is now possible to set the adjustable orifices in the controller independent of each other – this was able with the LSNR(T)-controllers.

As the interface of the new controllers is identical to its predecessor, you can also upgrade your V60N-pump with a new LSP(T)-controller.

Please contact your local HAWE / InLine Hydraulik representative for more information.

Improved control PSL/PSV via CAN Lite by HAWE

Priority flow control valves Sun HydraulicsFor applications where a better control is needed, compared to the PWM-actuation, but not the full functionality of the HAWE CAN-actuation for the PSL/PSV is required, there is CAN Lite. The CAN Lite actuation does not have feedback function to indicate the position of the spool, but due to years of experience with an integrated amplifier an improved control is possible.

Besides the improved control, the CAN Lite-module also provides a diagnostic function. And because of the way the CAN Lite-module is manufactured, this can be combined with valves that have a CAN-module and even with normal non HAWE CAN-sections. This way a cost-efficient valve can be configured to suit the application.

For more information, contact your local HAWE distributor or visit the HAWE website.

Haskel Air-driven liquid pumps: Reliable and easy to maintain

Haskel pneumatische vloeistof pompenA Haskel pneumatic pump’s robust design will efficiently convert compressed air into hydraulic power, satisfying any application need for pressurizing up a component and holding it at a set pressure for any sustained period of time.

The pump, with a capability up to 100.00 psi (7000 bar) causes, due to the pneumatic operation causes no heat, flames or spark risk. The Air-driven pump is ATEX certified and safe to use in any application.

There is no need for air-line lubrication, which prevents contamination and makes the air-driven liquid pump a cost-efficient solution.

For more information contact your local Haskel distributor.

New manual operated valves HydraForce

New manual operated valvesHydraForce offers with the introduction of the manual actuation for the PExx-S67x-valves an extension to their manual actuated valves. The normally hydraulically actuated valves can be equipped with a manual actuation on port one of the valve. Due to the way the manual actuation is constructed, it will not move when the valve is hydraulically operated.

The manual actuation will be available for valves with a maximum flow op 37,9 liters per minute as well as for valves with a maximum flow op 170 liters per minute. The maximum pressure for the work ports is 345 bar.

For more information on this product, please contact your local HydraForce-dealer.

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