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Heerema assigns Doedijns for delivery of Upend & Flood Control System

for Peregrino II Jacket

Feb 14, 2018

Heerema Fabrication Group awarded Doedijns, specialist in engineered hydraulic solutions, to design and deliver the Flooding System Upend Control System for the ‘Peregrino II Jacket’. The Flooding System Upend Control Center consists of 56 actuated valves, a control centre, interconnecting hoses. Doedijns provides also the yard installation of the equipment.  

Challenging task

It is a challenging task to upend large constructions like the Peregrino II Jacket. The jacket will be about 135 m (443 ft) tall, have a footprint of 66 x 53 m (217 x 179 ft), and will weigh 9,300 metric tons (excluding the 12 piles). Doedijns delivers reliable and safe upending and flooding control systems for the installation of these large offshore structures.

Jackets, like the Peregrino II are designed to float and the legs act as floating chambers. The Upend Control Centre, a self-contained unit, supplies hydraulic power to operate a series of spring return actuated valves. These valves will control the flooding of the floating chambers of the jacket. By controllably flooding the legs with water, the jacket will upend and can be installed safely.

About the Peregrino II Jacket

The eight-legged jacket is part of a wellhead platform with a drilling unit (WHP-C) tied-back to the existing Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and will be operating in the Peregrino Phase II field development. The construction of the Peregrino II Jacket will be at the Heerema yard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, in order to be ready for sail away in October 2019.

Engineering Drawing of the Peregrino II Jacket

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