Chemical Injection systems for Heerema Fabrication Group

Chemical Injection systems for Heerema Fabrication Group

Chemical injection systems for Heerema Fabrication Group

Injection of chemicals into oil and gas wells is a critical step in the management of the product as it prevents or minimises a wide range of problems that might have a negative effect on the product and the affiliated equipment.

The injection of corrosion inhibitor is one of the critical processes to maintain and extend the lifetime of pipelines. Doedijns received the order to design and deliver two offshore chemical injection systems for Heerema Fabrication Group. Both systems were delivered on time and to the full satisfaction of the client.

The corrosion inhibitor package will protect the new gas pipeline between offshore platform of the Q10 Development Project in the North Sea. The package will inject a mix of methanol and corrosion inhibitor into the well. The addition of methanol helps prevent the formation of hydrates within the pipeline.

Chemical injection packages

The scope of supply includes the complete design, engineering, fabrication and project management of two chemical injection packages.

Chemical Injection Systems

The first package is referred to as the skimmer skid, which is used to waste oil and condensate from a nearby storage vessel to another location via a dedicated pipe line. This relatively small package houses an API 675 metering pump complete with electrical stroke adjustment.

The second package is the methanol and corrosion inhibitor skid. This package features a 2 m³ buffer reservoir which is fed directly from a piggy-back line from the P15 platform. This package also uses an API 675 double diaphragm metering pump with electrical stroke adjustment. In addition, this package comprises high end Guided Wave Radar level transmitters, Coriolis type flow measurement, and pressure transmitters for both in-line pressure measurement and leak-detection on the pump head.

Both packages are supplied with SS316 skids and drip-trays for low maintenance purposes.

About the Q10A platform

The new topside of the Q10 Development Project is designed as a gas production platform with a topside that offers minimum process facilities. The platform is designed to be ‘normally unmanned’ which requires a low-maintenance design for the chemical injection systems.

The platform is remotely controlled from onshore, with backup from the P15 platform. The 2” piggy back line from P15 will supply the methanol and corrosion Inhibitor to the buffer reservoir on the chemical injection package.

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