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Filtration systems

Wide range of offline filtration systems for rent

Oil contamination leads to increased component wear, maintenance cost and machine downtime. Off-line filtration systems are a useful solution to remove oil contamination in order to achieve the system’s required oil cleanliness level and thus to ensure operational reliability.

Depending on your specified filtration requirements we have a range of off-line filtration systems available for rent.

Our Giant off-line filtration system (also available in steel) is especially designed for high flow filtration of industrial hydraulic and lubrication systems. The cast steel gear pump has a large viscosity range (12 – 800 cSt) and the available filter elements run from 1μ up to 12μ.

When fitted with water absorbing elements, the reduced water contamination level prolongs the life of the additive package and reduces oxidation of the oil, components and bearing surfaces.

The housing of the Giant is combined with a pump-motor group and an electrical control box. This makes it an easy to use, plug-and-play filtration solution, that only requires electrical power, suction and return lines.

An condition monitoring sensor and oil quality sensor and display are mounted in order to determine whether the required oil cleanliness level is achieved.


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