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Flushing systems

Wide range of electrically driven hydraulic flushing units

The hydraulic market recognizes that oil contamination causes 80% of all mechanical failures in hydraulic systems. Oil contamination results from the presence of solid particles such as metal, sand and rubber. These particles can be present in in-service and new built hydraulic systems. Oil contamination leads to increased component wear, maintenance cost and machine downtime.

To remove contamination DGI offers rental flushing units. Flushing causes turbulent flows and is a useful method to remove particle contamination, achieve the system’s required oil cleanliness level and ensure operational reliability.

DGI has designed and rents out a range of electrically driven containerised flushing units capable of flushing process lines from 1/8” to 3”. The flushing units are compatible with various oil types and return filters are installed for dirt collection, elements can be changed during flushing. An additional motor-pump enables pressure tests up to 450 bar. Optional technical support performed by an experienced and authorised service engineer can be supplied.

An integrated condition monitoring system is mounted in order to determine whether the required oil cleanliness level is achieved. Sensors to monitor all process parameters such as temperature, flow and pressure are also installed.

Available flushing units

Electric motors Pump capacity
4x22kW 1,0 – 1200 l/min @ 30-550 bar
2x11kW 1,5-260 l/min @ 40-600 bar
1x22kW 56 l/min @ 165 bar
1×18,5kW 90-260 l/min @ 40-100 bar
1×5,5kW 22 l/min @ 20-260 bar
2x15kW (glycol only) 12,5-25 l/min @ 20-500 bar

DGI has multiple flushing units available for various requirements. Please download the product leaflets for more technical specifications.

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