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Oil sampling & analysis

Prevent high maintenance cost and unscheduled down time

80% of hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminated oil. To prevent high maintenance costs and unscheduled down time it is of the utmost importance to develop insight in the cleanliness level of your oil. Oil sampling can provide you with detailed information on the status of your oil and equipment.

DGI provides on-site oil sampling utilising a portable device. We can provide you straight away with the ISO and/or NAS values of your oil. When more detailed information is needed, oil samples can be taken to a laboratory for further analysis.

The test results of your oil analysis tell you the amount and type of contamination particles, water content and acid degree of the oil. DGI has in-house specialists that have the knowledge to translate these test result into actions. Their aim is to provide you with an action plan that will improve the cleanliness level of the oil by eliminating the root-cause of the contamination. Clean oil will result in less maintenance costs, more up-time and a longer service life of both your oil and equipment.

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