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Hydraulic cylinders

Well thought out solutions to the most complex cylinder repair and overhaul issues

Surrounding environments can take a toll on hydraulic equipment resulting in potential leakages and malfunctions. At DGI we cut our teeth on cylinder repairs. Many companies use our repair and overhaul services for their cylinders.

We repair and refurbish hydraulic cylinders preventing or solving situations that compromise the uptime of your machinery.

Our highly trained engineers and service engineers can design and offer a repair plan in accordance with the latest regulations and industry standards that apply to your specific segment. From very small cylinders to large 55 foot stroke cylinders, we have the capabilities, and certifications (ISO 9001:2015, BPVC VIII-1 U and R stamp) to repair and test them. Depending on the age of the equipment sometimes it’s cheaper to replace than refurbish, we can give you a quote for both.

Depending on the scope works can be executed on-site or in one of our well-utilised workshops. We can also provide advice to improve your cylinders with updated gland and packing material or a different rod coating.

Let us help you improve the service life of your equipment.

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