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Offshore equipment

Extend the service life of your offshore equipment

The offshore environment is very harsh and takes a toll on deck equipment. At DGI we repair and refurbish offshore equipment, maintaining your certifications where possible.

If your LARS, HPU or handling system has been suffering from long term exposure, DGI can repair and refurbish all components (including the frame and raw steel pieces) to ‘like new’ condition, paint it and function test it.

At DGI we cut our teeth on offshore equipment repairs and overhaul. Many companies use our repair and overhaul services for their offshore equipment. Depending on the age of the equipment sometimes it’s cheaper to replace than refurbish, we can give you a quote for both.

Depending on the damage, leaking due to wear or damage, we can repair equipment while still offshore. We can also provide advice, our engineering department is happy to help you improve the service life of your equipment.

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