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Luxury yacht helicopter refueling systems

In the world of superyachts, increasingly exotic and prestigious designs are being introduced that are equipped with the comfort and luxury of tenders and other recreational water toys. Today, a small speedboat, jet ski or a helicopter deck have become standard features on board superyachts. All require clean on-board refueling to enable enjoyment without limitations.

Sypack is specialised in the design and manufacturing of tailor made refuelling systems for petrol, diesel and helicopter refueling for the yachting industry.

Sypack, your partner in refueling systems
We have used our 15 years of experience in the offshore helicopter refueling industry to develop a range of refueling solutions. Nowadays we provide petrol, diesel and helicopter refueling systems which can be outfitted with custom made fuel tanks, pumps and dispenser-skids. With over 250 systems in operation, we have supplied to all of the major players in the industry. This justifies our position as a preferred supplier for this specialised equipment.

We focus on reducing the equipment footprint and on board integration whilst minimising any compromise on ergonomics and reliability. To achieve this we rely on our innovativeness and high quality components with proven performance in the offshore industry.

System Functionalities
We offer systems with a wide range of functionalities, such as refueling, defueling, bunkering, recycling (short and whole loop), sample reclaiming etc. to ensure the quality of your fuel.

Guarantee safety through frequent inspections
Frequent inspections and predictive maintenance enhances safety and reduces human errors. To ensure your system stays compliant to the latest standards, our authorized helifuel inspectors can carry out inspection, certification and maintenance on helicopter refueling systems from various makes and are not bound by the Sypack systems.

Scheduled (three-monthly) inspection by our authorized helifuel inspectors your system will be enhanced both practicality and durability. All inspections will be carried out in accordance with CAP437 8th edition.

Industry standards
Our solutions comply with industry standards such as the Large Yacht Code (LY2 & LY3) and the Passenger Yacht Code (PYC), and include safety features from offshore standards such as CAP 437. This ensures design approvals with at least the following Class Societies:

  • DNV GL
  • ABS
  • Lloyd’s
  • RINA
  • CCS
  • Bureau Veritas
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Helicopter refueling system for luxury yacht

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