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Hydrogen Systems

Innovative H2 solutions for a more sustainable world

To meet the worlds changing energy demand, we design and supply sustainable, reliable hydrogen systems.  As a turn-key provider of fully integrated hydraulic systems, skid mounted process systems, refueling systems and high-pressure components we are able to offer the full range from high-quality H2 components and subassemblies to complete hydrogen refueling stations and related services.  With our extended service possibilities, we will ensure unnecessary malfunction to guarantee safe continuous long-duration operation of the hydrogen solution.

H2 Fueling Station

With the combined strength of the leader in Hydrogen compression technology, our long-term partner, Haskel, and with our proven track record in handling flow and high-pressure equipment we are able to offer you the most cost efficient and reliable H2 system in its field.

Whether you are looking for a unit of a complete skid mounted fueling solution, based on pressure and flow requirements we will help you find your best solution. We offer hydrogen fueling systems ranging from standardized to fully customized solutions. The hydrogen fueling systems are available up to a maximum of 1300 kg a day to 1000 bar.

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Hydrogen Systems

Hydrogen Fueling station


A-brand hydrogen components

Our hydrogen fueling systems are built up with top quality A-brand components from Haskel, which are available worldwide. You will find our complete offering of Hydrogen components here.


DGI’s service department has a proven track record of years of worldwide experience and is staffed with multi-disciplined, certified and highly skilled service engineers. Our service engineers are located in central locations for 24/7 assistance to smoothly get your installation up and running and keep it that way. We can arrange everything from a full on commissioning service to maintenance of critical parts of the system such as the HPU, gas booster, controls & instrumentation, storage vessels and fire safety system.


We are able to assist with

  • Repair
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Spare part management
  • Troubleshooting

Our professional support is both on demand and on contract basis.

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