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Wellhead control systems

Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP) designed and built to meet the most stringent requirements

DGI’s Wellhead Control systems are designed and built to meet the most stringent requirements and are valued by our clients all over the world due to their high safety, reliability & endurance level and their user-friendly, trouble-free operation. The capabilities we offer, range from simple hand operated Single-well units up to expandable Multi-well units controlling more than 20 wells with one wellhead control unit.

Tailor made solutions
Our Wellhead Control Panels (WHCP) are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned according customer specifications. The modular design enables future expansion. Our extended experience in engineering power systems enable us to supply you with a solution that suits your needs: being an integrated power unit, single/multi well control systems or pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical or energy source combined well control logic.

Aftersales services
All our well skilled and trained specialists are capable and qualified to work in hazardous areas. They provide aftersales services around the world and handle technical challenges both on- and offshore locations.

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