Axial piston motor type SAM, SCM, BV, TV, BD, TD, GM, GS, L, P, S, TF brands sunfab, eaton, Sai

Axial piston motors

Eaton’s full line of hydraulic motors is backed by decades of proven reliability and performance under the toughest conditions and in the harshest environments.

Get total confidence with the efficiency, durability, safety and speed of affordably priced Eaton axial piston motors to fit a wide variety of applications ranging from Low-Speed, High-Torque (LSHT) to high-speed, high-power requirements.

Sunfab offers hydraulic motors according to SAE, ISO and DIN standard as well as cartridge motors. The displacement is 10-130 cm3 with a wide choice of shafts, seals and connection ports. High revolution speeds and a working pressure up to 400 bar allows a power output of up to 285 kW.

Features and benefits


  • Multiple pistons and double swash plate allow for smoother operation at speeds as low as 1 rpm
  • Numerous shaft and mounting options promote flexibility of possible applications
  • Speed pick-up system available


  • Smooth operation over the entire speed range
  • High efficiency
  • Suitable for applications with high angular accelerations due to its high rotary stiffness


  • Drilling machinery
  • Marine winches

Technical specifications


  • Pressure up to 275 bar (4000 psi)
  • Torque up to 16136 Nm
  • Speed up to 1000 rpm


  • Pressure up to 350 bar

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