DEP / PTS Systems

DEP / PTS Systems

Safety and reliability are the most important aspects when it comes to the design and operation of (flammable) process systems. Doedijns is the specialist for hydraulic valve actuation systems, from actuators with flow and pressure controls operated by a simple electro-hydraulic unit or hand pump, up to fully autonomous systems including electric control cabinets and shut-off valves. All in accordance with the highest safety standards used in the industry and in complete accordance with Shell/Petronas DEP/PTS specifications (


Our actuators are available for both rotary and linear actuated valves and come in two different configurations:

Actuators with a centralised power pack

These custom built systems consist of a centralised power pack placed in a safe area. It keeps hydraulic oil stored under pressure for the operation of valves. The power packs can be designed with a built-in accumulator/nitrogen system and a control cabinet. One power pack can operate various valves within the process system.

Self-contained units

These actuators with an integrated compact power pack are an ideal solution for valves on remote locations. There is no need for external/interconnecting hydraulic tubing. The units only require electric or air power for the pump motor, the solenoid valves and instrumentation. The self-contained units are built in a fireproof housing that is certified according UL 1709.

Interested? Watch also our valve actuation video here.

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