Engineering services

Engineering services

Doedijns has a team of highly skilled system and service engineers who can provide engineering services for both new systems or to modify an existing system. We also possess the required skills, capacity and fully equipped workshops to manufacture these projects. From analysis, advise and design, to delivery, installation and commissioning, Doedijns handles this for you.

Modifications & upgrades to stay compliant and increase operational efficiency

Sometimes new technologies, more stringent regulations or a need for additional functionalities require system modifications. Whether you require a lower energy consumption, smaller ecological footprint, higher uptime or efficiency or better durability, we have the capability to design a tailored solution to suit your needs. Doedijns has the capability to review any hydraulic system and provide recommendations on the best way to modify your system or integrate additional functionalities.

Get in touch with our engineers

We gladly discuss with you how we can help you with engineering services. Please contact us directly on +31 88 0912 600 or send us a message:

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