Heave compensation systems

Heave compensation systems

Offshore working environments are under the constant influence of change and require adequate heave compensation. Our reliable heave compensation solutions are the result of extensive engineering and design, and the collaboration with end users to meet operational requirements of clients and industry.

Passive heave compensation

A typical Passive Heave Compensation (PHC) solution consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a gas accumulator. When the piston rod extends, it will reduce the total gas volume, hence compress the gas that in turn increases the pressure acting upon the piston. The compression ratio is low to ensure low stiffness. A well-designed PHC solution can achieve efficiencies above 80 percent.

In-Line Compensator

Doedijns In-Line Compensator is designed to provide a passive, non-powered solution to motion compensation in a single lift package. It reduces risk by allowing the active heave system to be turned off and by reducing ton-miles on the draw works and rigging.

At Doedijns we have designed and manufactured many different types of PHC, from Direct Acting on offshore drill vessels to deep water Winch Compensators System. Adapters for various rigging packages are available, as well as various hang-off loads and strokes.

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