Ballast Systems

Ballast Systems

Doedijns designs (submersible) pneumatic and hydraulic ballast systems to ensure reliable and safe ship ballasting. These ballast systems consist of two components:

  • a control panel which is needed to operate the system
  • valves & actuators to control the amount of water going in/out of the ballast tanks

Pneumatic and hydraulic ballast systems

Doedijns’ highly reliable pneumatic actuators can be mounted inside ballast tanks (saving valuable deck space) and can be submerged to a depth of max 30 meters. Doedijns can customise the pneumatic ballast system to your needs, including valves, actuators and control cabinets or panels.

If preferred, we can also provide a suitable hydraulic ballast solution, including control system, touchscreen and hydraulic power unit.

Shallow water subsea actuators

Doedijns can provide shallow water subsea actuators for flooding systems with ROV override access. These actuators can be used for structure flooding, sinking caissons or ballasting operations at shallow water depths.

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