Sampling systems

To accurately determine the quality of your oil (water content, density and composition of oil) for fiscal calculations and allocations, automatic sampling is the established method to representatively sample pipeline transfers.

Doedijns has over 20 years of experience in manufacturing sampling systems. We provide reliable solutions and have the capability to engineer customised sampling systems to meet the client’s specific requirements and prevent loss. The sampling equipment is made to operate in the harshest environments and is renowned for its accuracy, durability, and low maintenance.

International standards

Doedijns can design sampling systems for different applications, such as the sampling of crude oil, condensate, refined liquids (diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, etc.), gas and LPG, butane and propane. All sampling systems are built to internationally accepted standards e.g. ISO 3171, ISO 4257, ISO 10715, ASTM D 4177, API 8.2, API 14.1, Norsok and Gost. These standards give clear information on the various steps required in order to ensure representative sampling.

Service & maintenance

Doedijns provides worldwide service support, including site evaluations and advise on sampling, installation and commissioning, testing, maintenance and trouble shooting. Our service engineers have the relevant training to perform their tasks both on and offshore and will handle technical challenges competently within the planned timeframe.

Sampling systems & products

Doedijns has manufactured over 300 large and smaller sampling systems for various applications and process conditions, all manufactured to the client’s specifications. The following sampling systems are part of our standard supply.

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