Gas boosters

Haskel designs and manufactures gas boosters that are used for virtually all industrial gases and ideal for gas pressure increases, high pressure gas transference, cylinder charging, and scavenging. The pneumatic-driven gas boosters can produce pressures up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar). Haskel’s global reputation of providing the most reliable gas boosters is the reason that Doedijns has partnered up with this leading manufacturer.


Designed primarily for Hydrogen Gas Compression, the H-Drive gas booster is ideal for hydrogen high-pressure gas storage and refueling. The modular design is available in single booster units or integrated into a complete skid assembly.

Hydraulic Compressors

Hydraulic driven boosters single or multi-stage for high capacity systems and rapid product delivery. H-Drive is specifically developed for hydrogen delivery at SAE automotive pressures.

Air Drive Compressors

Haskel self-cooling air drive gas boosters for hydrogen delivery up to 100 MPa. Suitable for rapid start up and intermittent use.

Diaphragm Compressors

Diaphragm compression solutions for volume delivery from low suction pressures such as on-site generation or pipeline.

Markets and Applications

  • Hydrogen Fueling & Filling Stations
  • Hydrogen Compression, Storage and Transfer
  • Hydrogen Generation
  • Proof Test; Catalyst Optical Fiber
  • R&D Lab Gas Distribution
  • Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Vessel Proof Testing
  • Fuel Cell: Mobile, Portable & Stationary

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