Testing and Certification

Testing and Certification

Prevent malfunction of your hydraulic equipment by regular testing

Over time systems can become outdated or small malfunctions can occur.
Vydraulics recommends regular testing of the general condition of hydraulic system components like pumps, motors, valves, cylinders or manifolds.

We can also check the system for leakages and overall functionality. Vydraulics can perform on-site testing with the use of our rental equipment or test at our own facilities. The test results including our advice will be presented in a report. The report will be adjusted to your requirements, and if necessary we can have it surveyed and approved by a notification body.

Vydraulics also has the authority to certify hydraulic systems, ensuring you comply with all regulations.


Measurement equipment needs to be calibrated on a regular bases to secure the accuracy of their results. Vydraulics has the tools, knowledge and experience to calibrate your hydraulic measurement equipment, like particle counters and flow and pressure meters.

All calibration equipment Vydraulics uses is traceable and the procedure takes place in accordance with the required international standards and regulations, this way the quality and safety of your measurement equipment is guaranteed.

Third party certifications

Safety is always at the centre stage for Vydraulics. All our engineering, manufacturing, assembling, and service activities are performed according to the applicable international standards and regulations.

Sometimes a specific project requires certification by notification bodies like ABS, DNV or Lloyd’s. Vydraulics is in close contact with these notification bodies and can arrange the third party certification if required.

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