Upend & flood control systems

Upend & flood control systems

Offshore structures have become too large to be installed using crane operation and require a remote way of installation by means of controlling and monitoring automated systems. Upending and flooding these large structures, often under less than ideal sea conditions, it is not an easy task. A reliable and safe system for controlled flooding and upending is therefore an essential need for oil & gas operators.

Doedijns has in-depth knowledge of controlled flooding and upending and supplies complete upending control and pressure monitoring systems including a hydraulic power unit, control panels to control the flooding, an umbilical and reeler, hosing and valves and actuators.

We are a solutions provider and can support you during the entire project. From full engineering support, to integrated project management and commissioning and servicing during installation. All our upending and flooding systems are tailor made to meet individual client and project requirements in the best possible way.

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