Inline sampling systems

Inline sampling systems

Inline sampling systems provide a simple, reliable and cost effective solution for sampling of a large range of crude oils and it’s refined products. Doedijns has supplied hundreds of inline samplers, land based and offshore, typically with a sample size of 1cc standard (0,5cc and 2cc available on request). An inline sampling system consists of two components: an inline sampling extractor and the enclosure for the receiver(s).

Inline sampling extractor

Inline sample extractors (pneumatic or electrical) are available in 3 standard lengths to fit a wide variety of pipeline sizes, pressure ranges and applications (typically ship to shore or export/import lines). The sampler probe is mounted directly into the pipeline (4” to 52” NB class 150/600lbs) usually through an isolation valve to enable removal without draining the line.

Receiver enclosure

Receivers, and their weighing system, are housed in an enclosure. This enclosure can be insulated and heated to maintain the temperature and prevent waxing or, if necessary, to keep the product at line temperature. The enclosure can also contain all necessary components to operate the system, like a device to automatically change the receiver. This feature switches automatically (through customers DCS) from receiver A to B when receiver A is full.

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