Internal gear pumps

Voith internal gear pumps are especially well-suited for any application in the low, medium, and high-pressure range, such as industrial manufacturing, Hydraulic Power Units and presses, plastics processing and wind energy.

Voith internal gear pumps feature very low pressure pulsation – typically up to 50% less than other comparable internal gear pumps. This considerably improves the controllability of the pump. It also reduces noise emissions by up to 6 dB(A).

Decades of design improvement have resulted in high volumetric efficiency. At rated speed, the volumetric efficiency of Voith pumps is often 5 to 10% better than other pumps on the market, improving your overall efficiency while reducing machine or system power consumption.

The internal gear pumps are available as:

  • single pumps
  • pump combinations (multi-flow pumps, multi-circuit pumps)
  • motor pump units
  • variable speed pumps
  • servo pumps

Features and benefits

  • Extremely precise due to a low pressure pulsation and improved control loop performance
  • Low noise emission thanks to variable speed drives
  • Excellent volumetric efficiency, resulting in better overall efficiency and energy savings during operation
  • Service life of several decades, keeping your maintenance costs low and your maintenance downtimes short


  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Plastics processing
  • Wind power plants
  • Hydraulic presses

Technical specifications

  • Displacement volume 3.5 to 250 cm3/rev
  • Maximum speed up to 3,600 rpm
  • Maximum operating pressure 20 to 345 bar

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