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The compact pneumatic liquid pumps of Haskell are reliable, compact and easy to maintain. Its robust design converts the compressed air effectively into hydraulic power.

Besides all hydraulic fluids and other liquids is the pump also suitable for alternative gas drive options such as sour gas, natural gas, boil off-gases, nitrogen.

The stall feature enables the air driven pump to hold a predetermined pressure for any sustained period of time without consuming power. The many modification and control options make the pump easy to automate.

Operational benefits of Haskells pneumatic-driven liquid pumps

  • Safe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark risk
  • Up to 100,000 psi (7000 bar) capability
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed
  • Problem-free stop/start applications
  • No need for airline lubrication – saves costs and prevents contamination
  • ATEX approved

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