Corrosion inhibitor injection for Total E&P gas pipelines

Corrosion inhibitor injection for Total E&P gas pipelines

Total E&P NL has taken steps to reduce the amount of manned platforms in the Dutch Continental Shelf of the North Sea. One of these steps is to install a new pipeline between the L4PN and L4A platform. With this pipeline connection, the L4A platform can be operated remotely and function as an unmanned satellite platform. The project is a measure to allow gas production during periods of lower oil prices by reducing operational costs.

With costs being a major factor for feasibility for this project, Total E&P has contacted a number of local suppliers to provide input for the project requisition. The aim was to use experience from the market to ensure that the investment cost would be minimal, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards.

The project requisition included the following systems:

  • Two Diethanolamine (DEA) injection skids
  • Pneumatic shutdown valve
  • Hydraulic shutdown valve
  • Valve control center
Two Diethanolamine (DEA) injection skids

Extending the lifetime of gas pipelines

Corrosion inhibitor injection is a critical process to maintain and extend the lifetime of gas pipelines and therefore required for the new gas pipeline between platforms L4PN and L4A. Presence of CO2 in natural gas is stabilized by injecting a small dosis of Diethanolamine, acting as a pH stabilizer. During these processes it is critical that dosing of the chemicals is accurately regulated as both lower and higher doses result in a significant effect of corrosion inhibiting properties.

Customised design to allow cost savings

Sypack provided input during early technical discussions to allow for cost saving design considerations. These design considerations reduced cost to an acceptable limit in order for Total E&P to proceed with installation of the new gas pipeline. Thanks to close collaboration between Total E&P and Sypack, the design formed a perfect match for the application.

Two emergency shutdown (ESD) valves are integrated onto the injection skids and actuated using existing resources on the platform. This minimizes offshore installation work and results in a hydraulically and pneumatically operated ESD valve. The valves are are intended to automatically set the valve to a closed position in case of an emergency.

Built for the future

The design includes measures to further develop satellite functionality on board of the platforms. For example, Total is considering to use solar energy to power the satellite platform in the future. Sypack has contributed by preparing the skids for the required modifications in power supply as well as using existing platform resources to power the instrumentation and shutdown valves.

The project is an excellent example of value adding between our business units. Sypack has contributed as an engineering partner in the field of chemical injection, whereas Doedijns Valve Automation was able to provide expertise in the field of shut down valves. This collaboration resulted in a complete skid based solution for a major oil and gas customer.

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