Delivery of two tailor made CPF sampling systems

Delivery of two tailor made CPF sampling systems

Krohne Oil & Gas

Doedijns delivered two tailor made CPF sampling systems to KROHNE Oil & Gas. A CPF sampling system integrates a Powerjet mixing system and Fast-loop sampling system. Doedijns was awarded the contract based on our complete approach to project management, top quality systems and long term relationship with KROHNE Oil & Gas.

Representative sampling

Doedijns designed the CPF systems based on the specific requirements of KROHNE Oil & Gas. Good sampling starts with the quality of the samples. To extract a representative sample well dispersed fluid phases within the pipeline are key. Doedijns calculates the optimal energy to mix the pipeline content and selects the matching pump size and mixing nozzle based on this calculation.

International standards

All our calculations comply with international standards such as API chapter 8.2 and ISO 3171 and are extensively tested by NEL, an internationally recognised independent testing facility. This way we commit ourselves to continual improvement and compliance, required by our clients and partners.

“These sampling systems are the first two built at the DGI facility in Zoetermeer. This facility gives us the opportunity to handle even more complex projects. Our client was very pleased with the quality of the systems and underlines the importance of the partnership they have with us.”

Albert Kruiter, Product specialist Sampling Systems

KROHNE Oil & Gas

KROHNE Oil & Gas designs and supplies products, systems and engineering services for measurement, metering and monitoring within the oil & gas industry. The company’s mission is to continuously improve the quality of their products, systems and services to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

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