ESD systems for MLNG plant module 4

ESD systems for MLNG plant module 4

Bintulu, Malaysia

ESD System for MLNG plant

For the MLNG plant module 4 in Bintulu Malaysia, our Valve Actuation team delivered a number of ESD systems comprising 5 Hydraulic Power Units, 8 Local Operating Panels and 8 Gate valves with hydraulic actuator. The actuators are enclosed in a UL1709 certified fire proof box to keep the valves functional in case of a local fire. All systems are designed and manufactured in full accordance with the Shell DEP / PTS

The Petronas MLNG plant is a huge LNG plant that is located in Bintulu, in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The plant started production in 1983 and has a total production capacity of 23 million tons per annum of LNG. The LNG plant acquires its natural gas from 125 kilometres to 225 kilometres offshore of Bintulu. As the end-user wants the plant to continue operating reliably for the next 20 years, a project to rejuvenate the Plant was initiated.


  • 19 x Hydraulic Power Unit
  • 36 x Local Operating Panels
  • 25 x Gate valves with hydraulic actuator in a fire proof box
  • 11 x Ball valves with hydraulic actuator in a fire proof box


  • Shell DEP / PTS
  • Fireproof boxes certified to UL 1709

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