Gearbox and powerpack overhauled during the weekend

Over the weekend, the Service team replaced a gearbox of a hydraulic power pack for Meerlanden. Quickly and effectively. This way, Meerlanden was able to get off to a good start again after the weekend!

Meerlanden is active in the collection and recycling of waste, with a focus on the circular society.

On Friday 16.00 o’clock the Service team is ready to get to work. The hoses are disassembled and electrically disconnected. That same evening, the powerpack is on transport to Doedijns’ Service facility.

The next day the HPU is further disassembled and the defective pump and damaged gearbox are removed. After draining the oil and cleaning the tank, 4 new pumps and a revised gearbox were installed.

Then the new hoses were carefully reconnected and the powerpack was reconnected and made ready for use after transport on site on Monday.

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