Modular built hydraulic power unit

Modular built hydraulic power unit

for world’s leading integrated steel and mining company

Sustainable design

To drive the installation of the world’s leading integrated steel and mining company we have supplied a modular built hydraulic power unit. The 3 x 110 kw HPU, will provide the necessary oil and pressure needed to operate multiple workstations. The durable design of the skid enables the possibility to integrate additional workstations in the future. The complete system is designed and constructed according to customer’s requirements and local regulations. 

Maintenance-friendly engineered 

The in-house engineered hydraulic solution, including an I/O cabinet with main power isolation switches and cabling, is engineered in such a way the components are easily accessible. This ensures easy maintenance of the system, even after installation. 

Stabilized viscosity

Consistent oil viscosity and oil cleanliness is of great importance for the stability and reliability of any hydraulic system. To stabilize the viscosity for this application several heating elements and coolers have been applied. Together with an extensive filtration system a stable and reliable system has been designed.

Built for the future

With the future in mind, the client requested a solution with expansion possibilities. Based on this requirement we have designed a modular system whereby the client is able to easily integrate an additional workstation within the current installation if needed. Due to the open slots, the system can be extended up to a total of 7 x 110 Kw. Enough to integrated multiple additional workstations in the future. 

Maximum uptime

Doedijns team of qualified service engineers has taken care of on-site assembly and commissioning of the HPU. As most works have been taken place parallel on the on-going production at our customer, maximum uptime has been achieved.  

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